Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday on John day was pretty full...take a look:

5am wake

6am leave for Atlanta airport

9am fly back to Illinois

6-11 am (try to keep from going crazy from massive headache)

11am arrive back home

11:30 kiss my wife (yes it took a whole minute)

11:31 take 5 minute power nap

11:36 drive to office & grab lunch

12pm return phone messages in office

1pm staff meeting

2pm follow up from Sunday

3:30pm discipleship meeting

4:30 pick up Brenna & Mia and get dinner

5pm prep for pre-marriage small group & make phone calls

6pm hang with student ministry staff and teens

7pm pre-marriage small group

8:30pm brief pre-marriage follow up session

9pm head home

9:30 kiss wife again...kiss & tickle with dog

10pm copy CDs from Evolve conference for staff

11pm go to bed

* man that was a loaded day...

Here's my thoughts on John 13:

  • Jesus shows the full extent of his love by washing his disciples' feet...I really think this is the heart of the first part of John 13...Jesus gave his disciples an example of service and humility...I can't tell you how much God has been teaching me about humility this year, and I love it!

  • I both love and am fearful of Jesus question to Peter, "Will you really lay your life down for me?" It's almost as if he's saying, "you might want to rethink that one. O he who speaks too quickly".

How about you...what are your thoughts?

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