I've been late getting home the last two nights. Usually when I get home late things are pretty chaotic. Steph will be running around finishing dinner. Helena will be working on homework. Brenna will be tearing the living room apart. Whie Mia is crying about a lack of food. All the while the television would be creating additional noise in the background.

The last two days have been different. Steph, without my knowing, had determined that she was going to begin leaving the television off until after the girls have gone to bed in the evening, usually around 9 p.m. I'm telling you I love the advent of the DVR...can't watch it live...DVR it...then watch it whenever you want...then rewind it and watch it in slow motion...what a great invention!

Anyway, becuase of Steph's genious...the last two nights have been great. I've actually been able to play with my daughters: hide and seek, dollhouse, and starwars...yes, I said "dollhouse". I was reminded tonight of just how different little boys and little girls are. While playing with Brenna, I imediately fell into "macho GI joe mode" trying to break into the dollhouse with a Sharkman mcdonalds toy. While Brenna simply wanted to place the grandma and grandpa dolls on the sofa and have them watch television. It was a great night.

I've been thinking a lot about growing up lately. I've been a father for 8 years now, but I'm just now starting to mature and see myself as a grown-up father. I'm thinking it's becuase I'll be turning 30 in a few days, but what do I know. But in some weird way, playing dollhouse reminded me that I'm growing up...how bizarre is that?
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